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We started with the world-changing AI you've been hearing about.  Trained it with with world-class home service veterans from every trade. Now it's ready to drive more revenue for your business .

Closed leads and bookings are integrated right into the tools you already use.

ABC: Always Be Closing. 24x7.

AI trained to sell Home Services


Electrical contractors are using embedded AI on their home pages to close leads and meet their customers' needs faster than ever.


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning service companies are using embedded AI to filter leads and close sales- around the clock 24/7.


Grow your plumbing business with always-available, instant AI. Embedded directly on your site.


Handymen using embedded AI see web visitors spending 150% more time on their site viewing 2x the pages.

Pest & Lawn

Pest Control companies have booked more leads from the embedded AI instant sales guy, optimizing their online performance and digital marketing efforts.


Increase efficiency and focus on running your pool service business while the AI handles operations behind the scenes.

Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing

The instant response from embedded AI has proven to increase the conversion rate of gutter cleaners and soft washers’ web.


Grow your house cleaning business with embedded AI.

Try our AI for HVAC vendors and see the magic

AI trained by home service veterans.

Behind the scenes we are blending veteran trades men and women with our advanced AI to constantly refine, improve and optimize results.

We onboard the best of the best: Pros with a minimum of 15 years experience in their trades. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry, and Construction to name a few.

Our partnership enables tradesmen to apply their lifetime of knowledge well beyond their physical years. Fixable Pros work remotely, monitoring and editing AI responses in real time. We are proud to enable the future of work for these guys & gals.

Jenna Fuentes, LA

Plumbing Pro

Licensed journeyman with 21 years experience. Worked full time for the same company for the past 10 years in residential systems. Experienced in new installs, repair, replacement and diagnostic of all plumbing related systems.

Tom Steil, CO

General Contractor / Handyman Pro

Expert, 3rd generation Carpenter from Frame to trim. Was raised in carpentry and has been running his own handyman / General Contracting business for the past 8 years. Passionate about construction Tom specializes in the bigger jobs- kitchens, baths, remodels, windows, doors, subfloors.

Jeff Stazinski, FL

Master Electrician

Specialized in trouble shooting electrical issues. Experienced in all aspects of residential electrical and codes. High voltage, low voltage, security systems, ring cameras, conduit, Bending Pipe, cat 5 /cat6

Jillian Gray, TN


27 years in HVAC, mostly residential with light commercial and refrigeration as well. Experienced in repair, diagnostics, replacement and new installs and duct / sheet metal work. 

Dozens more...

All Home Service Categories

If you're interested, we are hiring! Apply to be a pro and let's talk about your future of work.


+ Base

The best performing sales teams work for base salary + commission. 

Our Home Service AI is able to close 100x more revenue than a traditional sales force. So we work on a commission-only model, perfectly aligning our interests.

Rates based on average order value and customer category. New business: 7-12% of job value, capped. Existing business: 1-5% of job value, capped.

Website embed

White glove training & onboardsing

Closed leads booked on your calendar

Backoffice CRM & FSM suite available



Offer valued at $1,500. Valid for a limited time. We reserve the right to adjust this offer at any time.

How does it work?

Hiring Fixable AI is like hiring a commission-only sales guy who has worked in the field their entire life. Except we get started quickly (2 days), work 24x7, never take sick days, and never complain.


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AI drives new business

Watch your bounce rate drop! We close deals and put new business on your calendar 24x7. You only pay commission on the jobs you complete.

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